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vrijdag 19 juli 2013

Het werk van vorige week

Wordt zo snel mogelijk vertaald!

Since we moved to this tiny appartment in London, we were having a bit of a problem with our shoes. In Leiden we also didn't have a good spot to put them, but at least they didn't have to be exacly behind the door. And behind the door does indeed make it no longer possible to open it... So last week, when we were cleaning the house, I decided to do something about it. Permanently.
I wasn't able to bring every fabric I had to the UK, but fortunately I brought my big practise piece. I bougth it a few years ago for a very small price and have been making all kinds of stuff with it. Hats, bags, organisers. It's not a particularly beautiful fabric, but it is sturdy and works for many things, so I'm happy to use it! Especially if it should be useful and not necessarily pretty.
So this is wat I made out of it, our shoes have their own place and we can open our front door again!

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