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vrijdag 19 juli 2013


Wordt binnenkort vertaald!

We are really bad in sending cards... So everytime we should be sending a card, we realise that usually shortly after the deadline. Great thing about the internet, it is delivered as soon as it is send. However, sending an email just doesn't always cut it. So especially when a newborn baby arrives, we tend to forget, but feel kind of guilty about that. We also don't have a clue about when it is time for friends to visit babies, so we usually wait way too long before we actually contact the parents.
Now that we have moved to another country and visiting is largely out of the question, we were thinking about an alternative solution. Another reason why we don't send cards, is that we don't like most of them. They are all annoyingly alike and extremely mawkish. I do agree thay it is something to celebrate, but most of these cards are just a bit too much. There are some that we might like, but they are for special friends thay won't be offended by our kind of humour... So we needed something different. You can make your own card, but you'd still have the problem of people not getting your jokes. I did yet into trouble one day by saying that a fetus is a sexually transmitted parasite...
So we are trying to mail out these little towels. It might be a bit late and we probably will forget the next 10 birthdays, but we're hoping to make up for that by sending a handmade gift that the kids will hopefully use a lot and love. Cause that's the point, we might not pay a lot of attention to birthdays, cards or even the calender, but that doesn't mean we're not happy for them!

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